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Bag Change LIVE! - Living Daily With An Ileostomy Stoma...

So as you know I have a permanent Ileostomy Stoma AKA Fred! But what exactly is it? what does it look like? How do I clean, empty and change it? Does it leak? How do I stop itching?...

All these and many more questions have been asked over and over again, so now I will share all of this and my top tips for physically dealing with a stoma daily.

This is Freds video debut so I am a little nervous exposing this, it is a personal thing that to many may seem ugly, disgusting or dirty... but to me it has saved my life and how can i possibly hate or be ashamed of that!

I hope by sharing this and revealing all, I help others understand as well as overcome some issues you may be having with your stoma set up!

Live bag change (has sensitive content)

Video Part 1

‘My stoma is for life, not just for Christmas’ so learning to love it goes along way to a healthy, fulfilled life!

The products I use are shared below but I am not recommending anyone follows these, mearly sharing what works for me. I have tried so many set ups in the past and right now, this works great, no leaks, itching etc. If at first you don’t succeed...


Bag: Confidence BE Soft Convex Drainable

CliinMed Manuka Honey Hyperseal - MHWA 310

Dansac EasiSpray Adhesive Remover

Stomaplex Equalizer 38mm

Trio Pearls (100)

So there it is! Please do post any questions or feedback below. I hope by putting this out there I help eliminate the stigma and fear of living with a stoma, whilst helping to raise awareness which can save lives!

Thank you and stay safe

Andrea xx

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