Barbie Butt! What to Expect! My Journey of Recovery from Proctectomy Surgery!

This is my recovery diary from my removal of my anus, rectum and ability to pass anything from my bottom every again!

I had my rectum, removed back when my JPouch was created on 2017, as I have also shared in a separate blog after it failed and has now been removed.

This left me needing a permanent Ileostomy Stoma and removal of the remaining cuff, sphincter muscle and anus, thus affectionately known as ‘The Barbie (or Ken) butt’.

Such extensive surgery installed fear and panic in me, I knew little about the actual recovery and what to expect, I researched and went to google for my support, however, what I would of liked was to hear a first-hand journey, just a glimpse of the time scales to recover, the wound care and most of all, the appearance!

This is why I am sharing such a personal and intimate recount of my recovery, to give others knowledge and help, hopefully, to remove a few myths and worries.

Ill start with the night before when I made a video diary entry, here it is!

I start my post op diary on day 4 post op a I was spaced out on pain medication continuously for the first 3 days!

The First few days!

My Diary - Thursday Day 4 Post Op

'Today I am wire free at last!' I have been taken off the IV Oxynorm pain drip and hydration solution and put onto an administered liquid dose for immediate pain relief, as well as a modified relief tablet to manage the base level of pain I would reach, trying to keep me at a tolerable level.

'My bottom is hell today, keeps leaking stuff!' I have a bag stuck to my bum with 3 drains pipes going into it, they leak though and feel horrible, squishy and awkward. They have changed my drainage collection bag a few times so far as it is draining a lot of liquid.

I find sitting too painful so lie on my side half propped up.

Friday Day 5 Post Op

Today I decided to take a video diary so I cant exaggerate or change how I really felt at the time!

I struggle with the bladder problems today and issues with the catheter as well a sitting on the loo for a wee for the first time!

I am given a Phosphate drip as I am so dehydrated, I feel flu like symptoms so a little worried I have an infection. I manage to move around a little using a Zimmer frame left on the ward but not ideal as it hurts.

Saturday Day 6 Post Op 8th Feb 2020

Slept most of the day as I have pain in my stoma and generally feel crap! Trying to play games with Stuart but I keep nodding off mid-sentence… Bag still draining weird liquid from my bottom wound and I can now just about sit up in bed but I try to balance on one cheek then swap.

I am more mobile I have been for my first of many walks around the corridors. I only managed 5 mins before getting very hot and painful.

Sunday Day 7 Post Op

My bottom drains go into a bag that is actually an infant stoma bag thats stuck to my bum! It has been changed so many times now