Failed JPouch Removal, Barbie Butt and Permanent Ileostomy Stoma all by Laparoscopic Surgery in One!

The big one!

I have previously written about my JPouch and how/why it failed, and on the 3rd February 2020, at St Marks Hospital in Harrow UK, it was finally removed. I had full removal and a barbie butt (anus and sphincter muscles etc removed and sewn shut) created with a new permanent end ileostomy.

I kept various video diaries to document my recovery which start at day 4 as I was out cold on pain meds prior to that, however I will recount as best I can from the start.

The night before!

Operation Day

On the day of surgery, I was last on the list as I was having such a major, long operation. I went down to the theatre at 2pm… all went well and at 7pm it was all over! Just 5 hours which is amazing.

My fantastically talented surgeon, Mr Janindra Warusavitarne, carried out my full operation laparoscopically, only entering the body via the old JPouch site and the new stoma site. I have no other wounds.

This is classed as SILS a much better option than open surgery!

During surgery my ovaries were checked as it was feared one was stuck with scar tissue, however it transpired it was not stuck but I did have fairly large ovarian cysts. Janindra popped the right one and was satisfied it was normal cyst fluid and didn’t need further investigation. The left cyst was left as it was not in the way and they didn’t want to cause further complications.

The operation went to plan and I had my new stoma – Fred 2nd– located on the left hand side. My previous temporary stoma 4 years prior on the right side had left a very deep scar and it was felt it would cause leakages if used again.

My first video blog after surgery!

Day 6 and the Barbie Butt!

My first recollection is really on day 6 when, finally I was disconnected from the maze of wires, however, that also meant I was taken off the patient-controlled pain relief button!

I was on Oxycoden as I am allergic to Morphine and was moved to the oral equivalent which included a modified release Oxycoden and Fast acting Oxynorm (oral liquid). I was also on Pregabalin and paracetamol.

I had 3 drains coming from my bottom wound collecting into what was a small version of a stoma bag that sat over the drains. This collected fluid that gathered inside from the wounds left. It was incredibly awkward as it often popped when I tried to sit or lie raised head in bed, it also was itchy and annoying. My catheter was also removed and at first it felt a relief, however I soon realised I had issues with passing urine.

Day 7 Bladder fun!

I had a bladder scan done in the morning which showed I was retaining some urine, however when it was repeated again at 11am, after I went loo, it showed I was holding over 650ml which was not good! My Drs requested a catheter was put back in!