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My Pain Management Educational Journey Week 1

This week I have been starting with education and recognising how my pain feels! fairly apt as I am having a flare up at the moment of joint pain and Crohns!

I wanted to share juts a little of what I have studied so far, its too early to judge if its helping or if it will change my pain, but I can report I am already feeling more motivated and focussed on overcoming the pain that I can!

So far I have read up on the basic Neuroscience of pain and busting some myths about Medical Imaging as well as learning that pain is more than just tissue damage!

Here I will share a few excerpts from the literature I have used so far, all so far from Curable but also I have researched these topics independently to back up what I am reading!

I hope this is of help or motivation for someone to reach out and start their own journey with me.

The truths about pain!

Myths about Medical Imaging - I mean hey, I have had a few!

So my last thing to share is a bit more of a personal trip of education! It has become clear to me during the written tasks I have undertaken so far this week, that I am a perfectionist and a people pleaser! Not such a bad hting for some but I am learning how those personal traits can hinder my health and wellbeing and how tweaking them may actually help me to manage my pain!

Here are a few snippets that resonated with me!

So there it is! just a quick stop by on my journey so far!

Thank you for reading!


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