Pouchoscopy, Gastroscopy and MRE with a JPouch. What exactly happens and how does it feel.

I was so scared of all the above, I’ve been ill so long I see my insides as sore, messy and fragile. I was sure the tests would hurt and trigger my symptoms, I was scared that they wouldn’t shed any light on the constant discomfort, pain and inflammation symptoms I have been suffering?

they are all issues I couldn’t answer until camera and images were taken all around my digestive system and so they were arranged.

Preperation for Tests

On the morning of the gastroscopy and pouch scope I was to fast 6 hours before and only sips of water when I had to. On arrival I was taken through a questionnaire re previous surgeries and medical conditions etc, then changed into the very glamourous gown and pants!

They even have a trap door at the back for the scope entry and one size fits all!

I had an enema administered by the nurse (made her giggle when I squealed as she pinched my bottom with the rubber gloves when squeezing the enema) and waited about 10 mins before rushing to the loo! It was actually fine, kind of nice to pass so much liquid with no straining or burn etc!


I was wheeled into the examination room and had a canula put in, I had requested sedation as I was so scared of having the camera put down my throat into my stomach and the up my JPouch when I felt so rough.

They squirted a liquid anesthetic into the back of my mouth twice to numb the back of my throat, it tasted strong, like alcoholic bananas, but worked fast. I could feel my heart rate race as I couldn’t feel my swallowing or breathing. The nurse assured me it was normal, and I was fine.

The sedation was administered and after a short while I felt slightly more relaxed. They placed a ring-shaped holder between my teeth to hold my mouth open and were ready to start.

The registrar started inserting the camera into my mouth and down my oesophagus, it felt like a lump of food going down and was not pleasant but didn’t hurt. I had several biopsies taken and they managed to reach all the way to my stomach. I had several gag reactions which were uncomfortable, and I kept burping, they said that was normal and I had nothing to bring up so was fine.

This lasted about 10 minutes and was not pleasant but necessary.


Next, they team moved to the other end and turned me over to face away, raised my knees up to a right angle and then proceeded to insert the camera (they assure me it wasn’t the same camera for both 😉).

I felt it at first and was painful as it was passing an inflamed area. I requested Entonox as I was feeling some discomfort as it passed round my JPouch.

I was determined that this scope was a success and asked them to go as far as they need for results.

The registrar passed it over to my consultant to continue and she was able to get a clear view or the JPouch and up into the terminal ileum, by now I was feeling less pain and was able to watch.

There was a staple visible along the JPouch suture line but apparently that was normal, there was also a large polyp which they took biopsies of along with many others around my pouch and ileum.

As they retracted the camera, I felt a lot of pain as it went through the cuff and out, there was some inflammation and ulcers visible to me but not as bad as previously seem last year.

After this I was moved to recovery for about 30 minutes and was offered tea and a biscuit. I was given a copy of the report and needed to wait for a follow up meeting to be sent soon.